did you know palm desert greens

Carol Cole, broker owner of Country Club Realtors, has been living in the Palm Desert Greens Country Club for decades. She has great insight in the local real estate market and knows some fun history behind Palm Desert Greens. She will providing this her fun facts and trivia on the Country Club Realtors website in a regular segment called, "Did You Know?".

On this segment of "Did You Know?"...

Palm Desert Greens residents have always reinvested in their community. Here are a couple of examples from the “Olden Days”.

A golf tournament was held to raise funds for a bulletin board for Men’s and Women’s Golf. The entry fee was $2.00! Bring your own food.

Another two day golf event was The Hookers and Slicers. Entry was $6.00 per person including dinner, prizes and trophies! Winners ate Steak, losers ate Chicken.

We as citizens of Palm Desert Greens continue to give back to our community in many ways. With a record number of home sales the past two years, our new neighbors are jumping right in and enjoying our community amenities and traditions.